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This Sapphire Whitening System is a product of Den-Mat which is also the business responsible for the production of Lumineers. This Sapphire Whitening System works through the use of a robust Sapphire Plasma Arc Light along with a professional bleaching gel. The Sapphire Whitening System’s claims of superiority come from the reality that there are more than four thousand dentists who are using it in the present. It is possible to make use of this Sapphire Whitening System with or without the Sapphire light. In studies carried out by Den-Mat, the results included that subjects who received a mix of the gel and light had better results than those who didn’t even after exposure to it for the same amount of duration.

The sapphire light is believed to assist in whitening by assisting in these ways. The bleaching formula included in the Sapphire Whitening System absorbs light at the blue end of the spectrum. This causes an reaction that results in the breakdown of the gel into intermediators that combat the color components that cause tooth staining. Additionally, the blue light that absorbs is then used to cause the colored stained material to be dissolving in the teeth. These materials that are activated by light are extremely reactive and react with hydrogen peroxide resulting an accelerated process for bleaching taking place more quickly. In turn, if bleach is mixed with the light source, you can expect to see an additional two to five shades of whitening. However, it is important to note that independent research conducted using this method of whitening have revealed that the light does not have any influence whatsoever on the process of whitening.

If you are using this Sapphire Whitening System, your dentist will first apply 35 percent hydrogen peroxide gel to your teeth. The gel will then become activated through the sapphire lamp to allow the removal of stain process to start. The process of whitening used in this Sapphire Whitening System can take around half an hour or so to complete, making it one of the most efficient at-home teeth whitening methods available currently.

In addition to the office kit, there’s also an Sapphire Whitening System at home kit for sale. The kit includes custom-fit whitening trays that can be used to use at home. If you use this Sapphire Whitening System at home kit, it can take between a few days or months to see the effects of whitening on your teeth.

The bleaching gel within the Sapphire Whitening System is pretty thick and stays in place on the tooth areas of the tray. This is beneficial because it stops that bleaching solution from rubbing against the gums, cause irritation. Even though Den-Mat affirms that the bleaching gel contained in Sapphire Whitening System is safe for your gums, Sapphire Whitening System contains a desensitizing ingredient to help reduce tooth sensitivity, numerous dentists have stated that their patients are experiencing extreme sensitivity following the process of whitening over a period of between 12 and 18 hours. If you’re one of those suffering from post sensitivity it is possible to try Ibuprophen to reduce the discomfort. You can currently take part in this Sapphire Whitening System procedure at a dentist’s office that is licensed.

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